What is ACTIVote?

ACTIVote is Promethean's interactive, integrated personal response, or voting system.

I consists of a set of 16 or 32 handheld voting devices with either upper or lower case letters, a USB hub which plugs into your computer,

and the associated software to run the system.

What do I need to use this technology?

The system will run on PC or Mac. You do not need a board to run the system though a projector is obviously a good idea! ActivPrimary or ActivStudio software comes with a 'Question Master Wizard' which will generate the flipcharts for you, all you have to do is type in your questions.

How can this enhance learning?

Promethean states that " The system is designed to encourage whole class participation and enhance learning. By enabling each pupil to “have a voice”, the opinions, thought processes or feelings of a whole class can instantly be shared and addressed accordingly."

The pupils click their answer - from under their desk if they want and teachers gain instant insight - on anything from class registration or who had breakfast to instant understanding of how well a lesson is understood... or even predictive grades.

Votes can be recorded by individual pupil or by the whole class - all saveable to a flipchart or spread sheet. Letting teachers know who’s clicked. Literally.

Does it have other uses?

The voting system can be used with staff or parents to influence decision making or facilitate disscussion.

How much does it cost?

A set of 32 handsets is around £1700.

Is there anyone in Argyll and Bute using this?

Denise Donald at John Logie Baird has been involved in an Assessment is for Learning project for Argyll and Bute. The ACTIVote system played a part in that project. Visit the ICT and Formative Assessment part of the Education website.

Bowmore Pre5 Unit has just won the ICT Education Award for their project on Interactive whiteboards. The ACTIVote system has been used extensively with Pre 5 children and their parents. Read Catherine MacMillan's Blog. Catherine is also an Argyll and Bute Glow Mentor and would be happy to share any information and ideas with you.

What about training?

Promethean have agreed to provide training for 'cluster' groups on the use of the system including setting up devices and making the most of the technology. This would probably take the form of a twilight session. Dates are still being discussed.

Promethean website has online tutorials and user guides available.

Where can I find out more?

There are lots of articles on the web, enter ACTIVote into Google.