Feedback from Chris Stone, Learning and Teaching Advisor for Promethean.

"Travelling across to Bute on the ferry from Glasgow, sometimes this job has its moments!!"

Thursday 23
rd August @ Rothesay Academy, Island of Bute

The training at Rothesay was for 6 of the mathematics staff, this is a new build and had only been open for a couple of weeks, as you can imagine this was a fantastic building with brand new IWB, projectors etc…

We spent some time looking at the generics of the software, and particular the mathematics tools and how to utilise them in imaginative ways. I demonstrated the pedagogical ideas behind my mathematical purposely created flipcharts and showed them how they were created and tricks behind them. I demonstrated how voting could be used not just as a tool for formative assessment but how it could be used to draw out discussion from the students and encourage them to use mathematical words, concepts and ideas.

The staff spent some time creating their own flipcharts on a topic of their choice; this reinforced the knowledge of the software and build up confidence in their own abilities. Staff then shared their ideas with each other which proved to be a very valuable experience, as they were able to show off different skill in the use of the software, this will lead to some great collaborative work in the future.

Thursday 24th August @ Oban High School, Oban

The training at Oban High was for 10 of the mathematics staff plus 2 staff from on of the near by Islands, for some of the staff they were seeing brand new IWB, projectors etc… for the first time in their classrooms.

The staff felt that they got a considerable amount of ideas and expertise out of the session and really enjoyed it. “When are you coming back” was the last comment.